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Demand of Charter Submitted to the Govt. of India by KLNLF

18th Central Karbi Dehal Rongker Utsav,2010 underway.


Report from the Assam Tribune brought to you by the Hindustan Times
GUWAHATI, April 5 -- The Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar and the Nagaon District Karbi Students Association on Thursday issued an ultimatum to the Central Government regarding their long-standing demand of including the Karbis living in the plain districts of Assam in the Scheduled Tribes (ST) list. Ajit Kathar, general secretary of the Adarbar, and Puniram Timung, president of the student body, on Thursday said before media persons that if the Government failed to meet their demand by August this year, the Karbi community living in the plain districts of Assam would intensify their movement. Timung said that protest …

Protest against Azara Rly line survey work

Protest against Azara Rly line survey workStaff reporter
 GUWAHATI, Aug 27 – Opposing the latest survey of the NF Railway in connection with the proposed railway line from Azara to Byrnihat, the villagers of Pamohi, Nawagao, Garoghuli, Ahomgaon, Dhalbama, Katakipara and Mainakhurung under Ramcharani Mouza and Azara police station staged a demonstration on Wednesday at Gorchuk demanding of the authorities to execute the project as per the first survey. It may be mentioned here that as per the first survey of the railway authorities, the proposed line was to pass through paddy fields mostly owned by the indigenous people.

The Pub Ramcharani Village Protection Committee which is leading the protest programme said that the villagers had no objection to the first survey as the residences and the areas considered sacrosanct by the indigenous people were not affected.

“But the railway authorities have conducted a second survey proposing to divert the line through residential areas inhabited by around 5000 tribal people,” said Dhiren Ingti, president of the Committee.

Ingti said that if the proposed railway line is executed on the basis of the latest survey, the poor and low income group tribal villagers will suffer heavily, the place of laying the dead to final rest would be desecrated and the line will also pose a threat to the ecology.

According to the latest survey, the proposed line will pass through villages and forest reserves frequented by herds of elephants.

Warning that forceful eviction of indigenous people would create an unwanted situation, Ingti said that the Government should take intoconsideration the emotions and sentiments of the indigenous people if it wanted to avoid a Nandigram episode in the State.

Ingti further alleged that the latest survey was conducted to serve the interests of the capitalist class as the land purchased by these rich people would be affected if the proposed line was laid as per the first survey.

On the other hand, the Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar has extended support to the Committee and has demanded of the authorities to cancel the latest survey.

In a communiqué issued to the press, secretary of the Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar Ajit Kathar said that a conspiracy was afoot to dislodge the indigenous people from their own land.

Cong manifesto miffs plains Karbis


Cong manifesto miffs plains KarbisStaff Reporter
 GUWAHATI, April 6 – Those members of the Karbi community who live in the plains area of the State have been miffed by the poll manifesto of the ruling Congress which promises an Amri Karbi Development Council.

Several organisations of Guwahati, including the Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar, Karbi Students’ Union, Karbi Bangthe Asem and Karbi Arlos Asem while expressing their astonishment at the Congress assurance said that it was another attempt of the ruling party to bring division among the Karbi community.

It needs to be mentioned here that these organisations have been demanding a development council and ST status for the Karbi people living in the plains.

“The plains Karbis have been deprived of their rights and now there is an attempt to divide the Karbis,” said Ajit Kathar, general secretary of the Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar.

Kathar further said that long back the Karbis were mainly concentrated in four areas and one of the areas was Amri, now in present Karbi Anglong. A section of Karbis who came from Amri to the plains identify themselves as Amri Karbi.

“The plains Karbis will never accept a development council in the name of Amri Karbis,” said Kathar adding that those doing politics in the name of Amri Karbis were completely under the control of the Christian missionaries.

The Karbi people seemed to be quite disappointed with the ruling Congress for its alleged breach of promise to the Karbi community.

“In 2004 parliamentary elections also, the State Congress manifesto had promised to take up the issue of ST status to the plains Karbis. But till date, the plains Karbis have been deprived of constitutional safeguards,” lamented Kathar.

Issuing a note of warning to the Congress, the organisations said that the plains Karbis would cast their votes for the party that will fulfil their aspirations.

A Bangthe, a Karbi traditional chief from Pamohi Mainakhurung village on the outskirts of the city said that the political parties are not concerned about the needs of the common people and candidly expressed that not party but a clean administration mattered to the general people. Bangthe called upon the government to concede to the demands of the plains Karbis.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

18th Zonal Karbi Youth Festival, Hamren, Karbi Anglong

Dipak Tumung an Engineer in Dubai

Dipak  Tumung an Engineer  working  in Dubai. He is our  Karbi  proud  and motivator.
He is woking  the world tallest  building  in Dubai as Chief  Engineer.  Dipak  Tumung  did  his school from  Sainik  School, Goalpara. After that  he did  his Engineer Degree in  Mechanical.
If our  karbi  youth want  to know  more about  his  achievement.
Contact  at his email:
Phone: +97 150 2750595
Dipak  Tumung is the active motivator  in the Karbi  Youth

Karbi Youth in mount everest expidition

Henry  David  Teron from  Guwahati,  a Karbi  youth  selected  for Mount  Everest  Expidition.
He is  National  Youth Awardee  in 2008  for  community  youth  service. He received the  Youth Award  from   Honourable  Chief  Minister    Sri  Karuna  Nedhi  in the  National  Youth  Festival  in  Chennai.

He is youth  trainer in adventure activity. He conducted  many  youth  development  training  on adventure  activity.
He  can  reach  at  his email:
Mobile: 9401179214

Online Dictionary

If you  want  to know  Karbi  meaning  from English  word
no problem there  is  online  dictionary ..  type  English you will find the meaning  in Karbi  also  in target  box.

Morningkeey Phangcho a Karbi Youth doing research

Morningkeey  Phangcho, a young  Karbi man  by  profession  Engineer  is doing  research  on Karbi.
He always  encourage  the  youth to be positive  and work with  constructively  for the  Society.

His  website  on  Karbi  
He  can be reach  at  email:

Karbi Youth dancing Bihu

The  Programme  was  held  in Silpagram , Guwahati.
Bihu  dance  perform by  Karbi  Youth

connecting the dots

Karbi   community:
some  karbi  youth  trying to  connect the karbi  people   and  wanting  to keep in  close touch with each other
We  should   encourage the Karbi youth those  are doing  good work  silently

Karbi  youth  network Link

Karbi  Society  in Mumbai

Karbi  Society  in Delhi

Karbi  student  in  Bangalore

Karbi  youth  in  Dubai
email: dipak tumung <>;

Monday, October 25, 2010

Others Link

Others  link

Others information

Karbi  in  Kamrup district ... those who are  seeking Caste  Certificate
All  Assam  Hills  Tribal  Council
Lokhara,  P.O.  Sawkuchi,  Guwahati-781034,  Assam,  India
Phone: 9864013494

Central   Committee
President:   Benudhar  Tumung
Secretary:   Nipen  Ingti

Kamrup District   committee  contact  person:  Pradip  Kathar

Get Together on 25-10-2010

Get Together   at  Parijat  Academy
Date: 25th October 2010
Presence  in the  informal  meeting
1. Upen    Teron,  Borabri,  mobile: 970669485
2. Rongmon  Tumung,  Maghuapara,  Mobile: 9854380379
3.Lohit  Teron,  Chachal, Mobile: 9859460848
4.Bipul  Kathar,  Bhalbama,  9707096306
5.Dipen  Ingti,  Beltola, Bakarapara,  Mobile: 9864109953
6. Bobul Bey,  Chakardo,  mobile: 9954784281
7. Dipak Tumung,   Dubai,  mobile: +97 150 2750595
8.Dhiraj  Teamung,  Bhalbama,  Mobile:  9859608441
9. Uttam Teron, Pamohi, mobile  : 9864041711
10.Prasanta  Kr  Ingti,   Fatashil  Ambari,  mobile: 9207012269

Topic  of   discussion:
Education, Information  and Networking  among  the  Karbi of  Guwahati.

Engineer   Dipak    Tumung, advising the  youth to  take  positive  initiative for betterment  of Karbi  youth  and  the  young children.
Dipak  Tumung  is  by  profession  Engineer  and  currently wokring  in Dubai as  Chief  Engineer.

Dhiraj Teamung, youth  entrepreneur  who  is  running  a his  won business in Guwahati encouraging the  youth to be  positive.

Bipul  Kathar,  youth  entrepreneur who  is running his own  business  "  Studio  Saya"  in Guwahati emphasis on self  confidence, building dreams and shaping life,  connecting  the  Karbi  youth.

Dwipen  Ingti,    Secretary,  Karbi  Student Union, Guwahati  Chapter  said, its time  to  work  constructively for  allround development  of  children and youth.  For that  needs  oftenly  properly  guidance  from  experience  person.

Dipankar  Rongpi emphasis  on Youth  Network  information sharing.

Next  Get  Together  meeting will  be held  on 28th November 2010(  Sunday)
Venue will  be  decide  soon.