Saturday, October 30, 2010

Protest against Azara Rly line survey work

Protest against Azara Rly line survey workStaff reporter
 GUWAHATI, Aug 27 – Opposing the latest survey of the NF Railway in connection with the proposed railway line from Azara to Byrnihat, the villagers of Pamohi, Nawagao, Garoghuli, Ahomgaon, Dhalbama, Katakipara and Mainakhurung under Ramcharani Mouza and Azara police station staged a demonstration on Wednesday at Gorchuk demanding of the authorities to execute the project as per the first survey. It may be mentioned here that as per the first survey of the railway authorities, the proposed line was to pass through paddy fields mostly owned by the indigenous people.

The Pub Ramcharani Village Protection Committee which is leading the protest programme said that the villagers had no objection to the first survey as the residences and the areas considered sacrosanct by the indigenous people were not affected.

“But the railway authorities have conducted a second survey proposing to divert the line through residential areas inhabited by around 5000 tribal people,” said Dhiren Ingti, president of the Committee.

Ingti said that if the proposed railway line is executed on the basis of the latest survey, the poor and low income group tribal villagers will suffer heavily, the place of laying the dead to final rest would be desecrated and the line will also pose a threat to the ecology.

According to the latest survey, the proposed line will pass through villages and forest reserves frequented by herds of elephants.

Warning that forceful eviction of indigenous people would create an unwanted situation, Ingti said that the Government should take intoconsideration the emotions and sentiments of the indigenous people if it wanted to avoid a Nandigram episode in the State.

Ingti further alleged that the latest survey was conducted to serve the interests of the capitalist class as the land purchased by these rich people would be affected if the proposed line was laid as per the first survey.

On the other hand, the Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar has extended support to the Committee and has demanded of the authorities to cancel the latest survey.

In a communiqué issued to the press, secretary of the Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar Ajit Kathar said that a conspiracy was afoot to dislodge the indigenous people from their own land.

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