Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cong manifesto miffs plains Karbis


Cong manifesto miffs plains KarbisStaff Reporter
 GUWAHATI, April 6 – Those members of the Karbi community who live in the plains area of the State have been miffed by the poll manifesto of the ruling Congress which promises an Amri Karbi Development Council.

Several organisations of Guwahati, including the Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar, Karbi Students’ Union, Karbi Bangthe Asem and Karbi Arlos Asem while expressing their astonishment at the Congress assurance said that it was another attempt of the ruling party to bring division among the Karbi community.

It needs to be mentioned here that these organisations have been demanding a development council and ST status for the Karbi people living in the plains.

“The plains Karbis have been deprived of their rights and now there is an attempt to divide the Karbis,” said Ajit Kathar, general secretary of the Assam Plains Karbi Adarbar.

Kathar further said that long back the Karbis were mainly concentrated in four areas and one of the areas was Amri, now in present Karbi Anglong. A section of Karbis who came from Amri to the plains identify themselves as Amri Karbi.

“The plains Karbis will never accept a development council in the name of Amri Karbis,” said Kathar adding that those doing politics in the name of Amri Karbis were completely under the control of the Christian missionaries.

The Karbi people seemed to be quite disappointed with the ruling Congress for its alleged breach of promise to the Karbi community.

“In 2004 parliamentary elections also, the State Congress manifesto had promised to take up the issue of ST status to the plains Karbis. But till date, the plains Karbis have been deprived of constitutional safeguards,” lamented Kathar.

Issuing a note of warning to the Congress, the organisations said that the plains Karbis would cast their votes for the party that will fulfil their aspirations.

A Bangthe, a Karbi traditional chief from Pamohi Mainakhurung village on the outskirts of the city said that the political parties are not concerned about the needs of the common people and candidly expressed that not party but a clean administration mattered to the general people. Bangthe called upon the government to concede to the demands of the plains Karbis.

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