Monday, October 25, 2010

Get Together on 25-10-2010

Get Together   at  Parijat  Academy
Date: 25th October 2010
Presence  in the  informal  meeting
1. Upen    Teron,  Borabri,  mobile: 970669485
2. Rongmon  Tumung,  Maghuapara,  Mobile: 9854380379
3.Lohit  Teron,  Chachal, Mobile: 9859460848
4.Bipul  Kathar,  Bhalbama,  9707096306
5.Dipen  Ingti,  Beltola, Bakarapara,  Mobile: 9864109953
6. Bobul Bey,  Chakardo,  mobile: 9954784281
7. Dipak Tumung,   Dubai,  mobile: +97 150 2750595
8.Dhiraj  Teamung,  Bhalbama,  Mobile:  9859608441
9. Uttam Teron, Pamohi, mobile  : 9864041711
10.Prasanta  Kr  Ingti,   Fatashil  Ambari,  mobile: 9207012269

Topic  of   discussion:
Education, Information  and Networking  among  the  Karbi of  Guwahati.

Engineer   Dipak    Tumung, advising the  youth to  take  positive  initiative for betterment  of Karbi  youth  and  the  young children.
Dipak  Tumung  is  by  profession  Engineer  and  currently wokring  in Dubai as  Chief  Engineer.

Dhiraj Teamung, youth  entrepreneur  who  is  running  a his  won business in Guwahati encouraging the  youth to be  positive.

Bipul  Kathar,  youth  entrepreneur who  is running his own  business  "  Studio  Saya"  in Guwahati emphasis on self  confidence, building dreams and shaping life,  connecting  the  Karbi  youth.

Dwipen  Ingti,    Secretary,  Karbi  Student Union, Guwahati  Chapter  said, its time  to  work  constructively for  allround development  of  children and youth.  For that  needs  oftenly  properly  guidance  from  experience  person.

Dipankar  Rongpi emphasis  on Youth  Network  information sharing.

Next  Get  Together  meeting will  be held  on 28th November 2010(  Sunday)
Venue will  be  decide  soon.

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